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Speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a Radar Signs.

Speed Radar Signs, also known as driver feedback signs, are traffic calming devices designed to slow speeders down by alerting them of their speed.


Speed Radar Signs sites typically see speed reductions of 10-20% with overall compliance with the posted speed limit up by 30-60%.


Converting a driver’s brain activity from a Theta “autopilot” state to a Beta “engaged” state requires a trigger – Radar Signs provide this trigger.


The signs can be deployed on a temporary basis or permanently installed in trouble zones to calm traffic patterns.


Capture traffic data and compile reports with real-time and historical data to gauge the effectiveness of your traffic calming initiative.

Speed Awareness

Designed to slow down speeding drivers in locations where speeding is an issue.


For use in School Zones, Work Zones, Residential Areas and during Special Events – As temporary or permanent installations. They are being used across the country, and around the world, because they are effective at slowing speeding drivers down. Tests repeatedly show that

  • Speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a speed radar signs
  • Typical speed reductions are 10-20%.
  • Overall compliance with the posted speed limit will go up by 30-60%.
  • Speed Radar Signs are particularly effective at getting “super speeders”—speeders driving 30 kph or more over the posted speed limit—to slow down

Why Radar Signs Work?

The Science Behind Radar Speed Signs’ Ability to Change Driver Behavior.


Feedback Loops, which have been studied since the 18th century, have long been recognized as an effective strategy to affect behavioral changes. According to, driver feedback signs are effective because of Feedback Loops, a simple concept which states:

“Provide people with information about their actions in real time (or something close to it), then give them an opportunity to change those actions, pushing them toward better behaviors. Action, information, reaction.”

Discover the science behind it

Making Roads Safer

The Radarsign family of products consists of a variety of radar signs


The TC-400 which is a portable, battery powered radar sign measuring 24” wide x 21” high with an 11” LED display. Ideal for roads with speed limits of 10-55kmh.

The TC-600 an AC or Solar powered unit measuring 28” x 33” with a full matrix display of 13”. This unit has additional speed violator alerts such as Flashing Speed, Slow Down, Too Fast and the following optional alert choices: Sharp Curve, Chevrons (left or right), Smily Face, Red/Blue strobe, Simulated Camera Flash and White Strobe. Ideal for roads with speed limits of 15-75kmh.

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Manage your Devices and Data Intelligently & Efficiently

The Radarsign family of products consists of three primary radar signs

Radarsign Cloud™ is a secure, web-based, cloud management system providing centralized management of your network of devices and traffic data from any internet connected device…anywhere, anytime.

Radarsign Cloud is available for use with the TC-600 model.

Eliminates the need for resources to be deployed to the field to manage individual signs, saving time/work force hours, fuel, and training costs.  Annual access fee is lowest in the traffic safety industry

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Radar Signs Features

Radarsign’s selection of radar speed signs was designed to make roads safer for pedestrians and drivers, regardless of location: small town street or city highway, business and industrial campuses, school zones, parks, neighborhoods, military bases, and work/construction zones…anywhere excessive speeds are a problem.
Easy Programming & Scheduling

Choose to have the sign in operation either 24/7, or at timed intervals throughout the day. Set speed limits for specific time of day and days of the week – ideal for school zones.

Maximum Visibility

Directional beam technology delivers a superior quality display for drivers, even in bright sunlight. Available in white, fluorescent yellow, or safety orange.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Allows wireless operation of the radar speed sign via Wi-Fi communication – 10x the range of Bluetooth® communication. Wi-Fi makes data download simple and convenient.

Durable Design

Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum housing with an armored 3/8″ thick Bashplate™ and 1/4″ Lexan cover provide superior protection to the internal components of the radar speed sign from external force and weather.

Versatility of Radarsign

Quick and mobile deployment, easily installs in minutes with a GoBracket™ that can be installed on almost any size/style of pole. Hitch Mount set-up is also available.

Power Options

Available in either AC Power, Solar Power, or Battery for portable or permanent applications.

Radarsign Cloud™

Manage your Devices and Data Intelligently & Efficiently.  Radarsign Cloud™ is a secure, web-based, cloud management system providing centralized management of your network of devices and traffic data from any internet connected device…anywhere, anytime.  Available for use with the TC-600 model.

Meet the TC-400 Radarsign

This short video will introduce you to the TC-400 Radarsign and show you how they work.

Making Roads Safer

Radarsign offers driver feedback signs that are attractive, easy to operate, and affordable. Our signs are constructed with a rugged design for durability, are weather and vandal resistant, and are 100% MUTCD compliant.

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Incredibly impressed with the durability of our Radarsign’s! It has withstood several vandal attempts and continues to operate in the harshest weather conditions, even -42C!

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