Cloud Connected Data Collection

Logix on Cloud is the superpower that helps you get the most out of your connected Radar Speed Signs | Speed Radar Signs. Get all the intel on your streets right from any wifi connected device.

Data Collection Radar Speed Signs give you instant access to your connected devices from anywhere. Get real time data, customized alerts, and detailed reporting right from your desk. See stats, change settings, check batteries, and download data without ever travelling to any device locations. Logix on Cloud offers unlimited possibilities to help you maximize what your cloud connected radar sign devices can do.

Data Collection Radar Speed Sign

Device Management

Manage alerts, messages, and display settings all from one screen from your Radar Signs.


Data & Reporting

Use data to generate detailed reports you can use to better improve safety on your roads.


Mapping Tool

Map unlimited connected device locations and create and apply parameters for each.


Zero Footprint

No software install, no hardware required, access a wealth of intelligent traffic data from anywhere, anytime.



Receive email notification from your Radar Speed Sign for alerts such as high or low speed or when batteries are low.


One-click Scheduling

One click lets you schedule and program multiple connected devices simultaneously.

Compatible with:

Access detailed traffic stats on driver speeds and volume by time of day and week.

Operate devices in stealth mode, compare driver behavior with and without the speed display.

Analyze traffic trends and assess when and where more enforcement is called for.

Save time and money compared to competitors manual Bluetooth data downloads.

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