Compare the features and available options for each of our radar speed sign models.

Our radar speed signs include portable and permanent pole mount signs that are AC, battery, and solar powered. Compare the features and options offered for each of our radar speed sign models in the chart below.

We needed a way to slow drivers down in our parking lots at work. We tried speed bumps and brighter signs with no luck, until we finally found Radarsigns

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Portable Radar Speed Sign TC-400

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The TC-400 Radar Speed Sign is a battery powered portable system that allows a single radar speed sign to be used in multiple locations, making it a valuable investment for any community, police department, school, or business. Using multiple back brackets on existing poles allows a regular rotation of the radar speed sign for ongoing traffic calming as well as same day response to speeding complaints. Just unlock the sign from the pole and move it to another location. It’s that quick and easy. The TC-400 is easily readable up to 400 feet away and is ideal for 5-35 mph speed limit roads.

Advantages of a Portable TC-400 Radar Speed Sign vs. Speed Trailers
  • Lower price: Less than half the price of a speed trailer.
  • Flexibility: A TC-400 radar speed sign can be used in many places a speed trailer simply will not fit, and can be securely mounted to any existing pole.
  • Value: At half the price of a speed trailer, you can get two TC-400 radar speed signs resulting in twice the coverage.
  • Design: K-band radar detects vehicles up to 1200 feet away; radar housing weighs only 20 pounds; rugged design defeats most vandalism; and the TC-400 includes a two year warranty


Radar speed sign weighs only 9 kg

Internal 6.4mm Bashplate to protect components from abuse or vandalism

60 cm W x 53 cm H YOUR SPEED faceplate with 7 cm high lettering; Available in white, fluorescent yellow, or safety orange

Detects vehicles up to 350 meters away

Traffic Data Option
Radar speed sign records traffic data that can be used to confirm date, time, and severity of speeding problem. Requires optional Streetsmart software license to generate charts and graphs.

Two year warranty on parts and labor; One year on battery packs. Does not cover malicious abuse, theft, or damage due to unauthorized modification.

Modular Design
The new modular design of the radar speed sign along with the mounting technology of Radarsign’s GoBracket make mounting and un-mounting the sign a quick, easy process. One person can easily install or relocate the TC-400 in about a minute.

Exceptional Visibility
28 cm super bright amber LEDs with directional beam technology focus light toward the road; automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions, providing the highest quality viewable display with minimum energy usage. Easily readable up to 150 meters.

Field exchangeable battery packs
Runs for +/- 2 weeks on fully charged battery packs. Modular design allows the battery packs to be easily swapped in the field for the extended use of the sign in a location.

The TC-400 is a portable system that allows a single radar speed sign to be used in multiple locations making it a valuable investment for any community, police department, or business.

  • Target problem speeding areas in neighborhoods, private communities, school zones and corporate campuses, work and construction zones
  • A great alternative to speed trailers at less than half the cost; can be used in many locations where a speed trailer will not fit or would be unsafe
  • Seasonal applications such as back to school, summer tourist, holiday shopping
  • Anywhere a short term use is desired


Radar Speed Sign – TC-600 Full Matrix


The TC-600 radar speed sign is available in solar powered and AC powered models. It is easily readable up to 600 feet away and is ideal for 15-75 Km/h (10-45 mph) speed limit roads.

2 digits, 13″ high super bright amber LEDs (life up to 100,000 hours)

Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions for maximum visibility

Provides directed viewing of display to oncoming traffic


Power Options
AC Power
Solar Panel – 40 Watt
Solar Panel – 65 Watt
* Some options are avilable at additional cost.

Radarsign’s built for purpose design is the most vandal resistant radar speed sign on the market today.

Macrolon® Polycarbonate Display Cover

  • .25” thick protective sheet covers entire display area
  • Abrasion, graffiti and shatter resistant
  • UV protection

28″W x 33″H – White
28″W x 33″H – Yellow/Green Flourescent
28″W x 33″H – Safety orange

Detects vehicles up to 1200 feet away

Two year warranty on parts and labor, including batteries; Does not cover malicious abuse, theft, or damage due to unauthorized modification. Optional third year warranty extension available

Speed Violator Alert
Alert choices:

  • Slow flash of actual speed
  • Fast flash of actual speed
  • SLOW DOWN message
  • TOO FAST message
  • Simulated camera flash and white strobe (optional); Red/blue flashers (optional)

Display speed and word message alerts alternately
Display on-off feature allows traffic data collection continue even when the display is off (stealth mode)

Exceptional Visibility
Dimensions:18.5″H x 26.25″W x 5.0″D
Thickness: .1875″ to .25″ thick heavy-duty aluminum
NEMA 4 level compliant
Humidity Maximum: 100%
Non-sealed and ventilated
Provides maximum protection from the elements and vandalism

Radarsign Cloud™ Compatible
Radarsign Cloud™ is a secure, web-based, cloud management system providing centralized management of your network of devices and traffic data from any internet connected device…anywhere, anytime.

Wi-Fi Enabled

  • Allows access to program signs from most web enabled devices
    (Apple devices, Android devices, Windows devices, etc.)
  • Requires no proprietary or custom software to operate
  • WPA2 encrypted security
  • Password protection
  • Range of up to 300 feet from sign

Standard Programming

  • On/Off Timer Options: 4 timers per day, also by day of week. Settings allow lower speed limits for school zone times and for late night display shutoff.
  • Display On/Off: Allows traffic data collection to continue even when display is off
  • Display Brightness Control: Auto adjusts to light conditions, up to 100 levels
  • Setup Functions: Easy to follow menu, no mechanical switches to operate
  • Maximum Speed Cutoff: Prevents unwanted high speed displays; up to 99 mph; discourages “racing” of sign. Choice of flashing matrix, or LED display cutoff.
  • Date/Time Control: Battery backed real-time clock auto-adjusts for daylight savings time.


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